Can I use your images and icons?

    There are two types of images on this site. Those that belong to me and those that don't. (Duh!) As far as the latter are concerned, you need to ask their owners. With respect to the images icons I created, I have no problem with your using them PROVIDED that I get credit for it. You can find out which images I created and how by checking my Icons and Images page.

However, while I find it extremely flattering that others should find my artwork good enough to use on their own sites, I would strongly recommend that you create your own. Take a look at some of the other Kyokushin sites (click here for the Kyokushin Links page, and some other sites too, and see how many are using my images. A lot, huh? Though unity in Kyokushin seems to be a relatively universal desire, at least among the net-connected Kyokushin karateka, unity in Kyokushin websites is probably not a good thing since all the sites will look very similar, which would be a quite boring!