How did you do your backgrounds?

    At first, I played with some embossed background for the front page (haven't we all?), and default Netscape 2.0 grey background. However, I got bored with it and decided to do somethingmore typically karate-ish. By that time a number of websites already existed, and the kanku and kanji as background had already been done to death and more. (By the way,allow me to remind all would-be web-designers that the background needs to be low contrast enough so that visitors can actually read the text on the pages.)

What was typically karate, and yet subtle enough to make a background? The answer came to me one day as I was putting my old dogi into the washing machine while thinking how frayed it was, and that I should get a new one!

It wasn't easy scanning it however! The three dimensional aspect of the dogi and the reflectivity index of the detergent residues caused the scanned image to be green and purple rather than a respectable sweat stained white-grey. Modern technology came to the rescue here, in the form of Adobe Photoshop, that allowed me to change the colours of the image, while retaining the texture. (For the benefit of the pedants out there, brown looks better than grey.) I use two versions, one with the seam, and one without. And there you have it!