Why isn't my Sensei (or Shihan, dojo, etc...) listed?

    When I set out to list all the dojo and the yudansha above sandan, I never stopped to think that with over 12 million Kyokushin practitioners out there, that there must be hundreds of dojo and yudansha out there too!

So if somebody or some dojo is not listed, don't be surprised, or worse yet, don't be indignant, especially if it is your dojo or shihan (even if you are the Shihan yourself!).

The same argument applies if a grade is incorrectly listed. Gradings take place all the time, or I might have been given old information.

If s/he or it is not on the lists it is probably because no one has told me about it. So why don't you just take the time to fill in the appropriate forms with all the requested details, and send them on their way to me, please.