Why isn't my style listed?

    A number of people have written to me expressing disappointment that their style is not listed, despite the fact that it is a Kyokushin descendant. As with other unlisted but appropriate facts, it is probably because no one told me about it. I am not an oracle, and if no one tells me, I don't know about it. It could be that all I know is the name, or I am confused about its relationship to Kyokushin, in which case, I don't really want to say anything until I have more information.

So if your style is not listed, tell me about it. Give me at least the name, accepted abbreviation (if any) founder, current head, year of founding. A logo, a biography of the founder, and a description of the style, in particular how it differs from Kyokushin, would also not go amiss. If you also want to say WHY it split from Kyokushin, that's OK with me (if you're allowed to!) Oh, and a URL too if there's already a web page for it.