Why is there a gender differentiation on this list?

    I've had several requests for contact details of female Kyokushin practitioners, especially senior ones, from women on the Kyokushin Contact list. Women are very much in the minority in Kyokushin (and probably most other martial arts too), especially at senior levels, and they do a lot of their best learning by communicating, unlike men who are notorious for not doing the latter! Not to mention that they have to learn how to deal with us macho types, especially when they're just starting out. Consequently, I have created a subset of the Kyokushin Contact lists which only has women in it, at least as far as I can identify by name. Gender is not an issue per se pages on this site (which is why some people may be misclassified - because I can't tell from the name, and the owner of the name chose not to tell me), except that I believe that the Women in Kyokushin list is a useful exercise.