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This page has nothing to do with Kyokushin. It's a bit of self-indulgence (but then again, so is the rest of the site, if you stop to think about it.) I got a couple of awards which, at first, I listed and showed on the front page. However, since was looking for ways to cut down the content of the front page, and because I got a few more I moved them to their own page.

If you feel like submitting this site for an award, please feel quite free to do so. Unless I'm invited, I don't usually bother since I haven't the time. The Website Awards mania seems to have died down a bit. As you can see, the last one was awarded in 1999. There may be a couple sitting in my very old emails, but I can't remember.

Click on the award logos to get to their sites if they even still exist!

June 1999 : The Nanbei award is offered by the Nan Bei Shaolin Kungfu site, and criteria include "Sites who demonstrate Excellence in useful Traditional Martial Arts information, Overall website presentation and content/design, Interactive features :mailing list, guestbooks, inquiries, and polls etc."
June 1999 : The En Light'n Award is another one of the awards I applied for and got. It comes from the Gecko K. Martial Arts. The K stands for Kenpo. They have a list of other recipients.
United Combat Award June 1999 : It had been a while since my site got an award, so I decide to submit the URL to a few sites. The United Combat Arts Best of the Web is one of the ones I received.
Samurai Spirit Award January 1999 : Shidokan Germany offers a limited edition (50 only) award to sites that meet certain criteria, in particular with regard to being non-commercial, surfer- friendly, and of course primarily promoting Budo. It would appear that they have forgiven me for the fact that it's not also in German!
Majon Web Select Award October 1998 : Majon's Cybermall awarded my site this award without my asking them. It is a commercial site, and they offered me cheap advertising of my site, which would be sure to increase my hit rate. Since however I stand to gain no profit by doing that, I declined the offer. They have two awards - Seal of Excellence, and this one, the Web Select award. I think this is the better of the two.
Attitude Award Winner October 1998 : Dragon Kempo Karate Academy is the home of the Attitude Award, which is not actually Martial Arts related. Indeed, if you look at their winners' page, you will find an astoundingly eclectic mix of websites, including the Australian Federal Police! What puzzles me is that there appears to be nothing about Dragon Kenpo on the site, other than the first page!
Gold USMA Martial Arts Website Excellence Award October 1998 : The United States Martial Arts Association has three levels of awards, and when I submitted my site to them, they chose to award it the highest level.
Martial Arts Best of the Web October 1998 : Bushido Online magazine, one half of a a slick Swiss-based web-magazine and encyclopaedia of the Martial arts, Bushido Online chose to make my site the Site of the Month. Thank you!
Martial Arts Best of the Web July 1998 :Waddya know! I found time to submit my site to Perk's Martial Arts Internet Resource Guide, and they sent me back this award! Check out their site - they've got quite a few sites listed, and you might try submitting your site too.
Ozlinks award May 1998 : Third place in the inaugural Ozlinks International MA site awards. Rico's MA page came first and The Martial Arts Networkd (T-MAN) came second. Twenty sites were nominated.
  April 1998 : Interviewed on the Ozlinks Martial Arts site.
Ozlinks award nomination March 1998 : Nominated for this month's Ozlinks Martial Arts Excellence Award for best Australian Martial Arts site. Patrick McCarthy's site came first. Three sites were nominated.
Ozlinks award February 1998 : Won the Ozlinks inaugural Martial Excellence award for best Australian Martial Arts site. Three sites were nominated.
Webnet ratings 4 The WebRatings are not really awards. You submit your site's URL, and pretty soon they get back to you with a number between 1 and 5 (5 is best) which gives you an indication of how well presented (in their opinion) your site is, both in terms of design and content.

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