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This is the original icon I used for returning to the homepage, but slightly reduced in size. I had just got a copy of Photoshop v2.5 and was experimenting.

These two banners were originally designed for Roy Stanton's Australian Martial Arts Directory links page. Don't bother clicking it. That site's long gone, and Roy seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet!

The banners are still good though.... though the claims are starting to look a bit unrealistic, given the number of good sites springing up these days!

Here are a couple of small ones that can be used as icons rather than banners. These are trans- parent, but will only work with lighter coloured - white, cream, yellowish, etc... - backgrounds.
Here are a couple of examples showing you how the transparent icons won't work!
Here are the same two as above, but this time with my dogi background and a small border. These will go with any back-ground colour or pattern, limited only by your sense of colour!

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