Acknowledgments and Credits
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There are many who deserve thanks for helping me with my website, both knowingly and unknowingly, not least of all the School of Safety Science at the University of New South Wales, Australia, where the site was hosted for almost 8 years, before it was forced to be shutdown due to the displeasure of an unknown person who reported it to the University authorities because he or she felt, possibly quite justifiably, that he or she was being libelled. Thanks also to that same person who go me out of the "fur lined rut", as my boss puts it, and forced me to move to the eponymous domain for this site.

Major text reference :

Cameron Quinn's book The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama is the major source of historical and philosophical information presented on this site.

Perl scripts :

The following two scripts played a significant role in the web site originally, but these are no longer operational. Musage is not even any longer available.
  • The statistics were generated by a greatly modified PERL script Musage originally written by Nick Phillips.
  • Original Simple Search created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive.

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