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    Mas Oyama's Children
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Division is not new to Kyokushin. Tadashi Nakamura left in 1976, Shigeru Oyama split off in 1981, Steve Arneil and the BKK did so in 1991, and there have been others both before and after, especially in the US, some of which had not even been formally associated with the Japanese Honbu. Some of these maintained the principles of Kyokushin and still call it Kyokushin, while others modified it and/or improved it e.g. Ashihara or Daido Juku.

The reasons for the separations are many and varied. Some did not approve of the way the Kyokushinkaikan was being managed, others did not see eye-to-eye with Mas Oyama, and others still might have had a conflict of culture. With all his ability in karate, he was still human and subject to human foibles. And so were those with whom he worked. Having built up an organisation of over 10 million karateka worldwide, it is also entirely likely that some of these, after having achieved a senior level, might have disagreed with him or simply wanted to put their own ideas into practice, and therefore decided to go their own way.

In any family, the children must move on. Some will live like the father, while others will make their own lives. So it is, and so it should be. And so too is has been in Kyokushin, and will no doubt continue to be.

This series of pages are an attempt to list and chronicle the divergence of Kyokushin, out from under the leadership of one man. If you know of any other Kyokushin splinter groups, please e-mail me with the details. A slightly different view can be had on the lineage page.

To the best of my knowledge, these are as correct - if they're not, please let me know.





Head/Founder of the Organisation


International Karate Organisation (English version here) IKO(1) Japan Akiyoshi Matsui ~1953
International Karate Organisation (English)
Shinkyokushinkai (Japanese)
IKO(2) Japan Kenji Midori
International Karate Organisation IKO(3) Japan Yoshikazu Matsushima ~1953
International Karate Organisation IKO(4) Japan Toru Tezuka 2000
: Since the death of Sosai Oyama, there has been a considerable amount of confusion and consequently there are several groups who lay claim to the organisation. This site will recognise and list all claimants for whom I can obtain and confirm details. Argument about who is the head of the IKO will not be entertained - I am not a qualified adjicator for this debate.
Phoenix Karatedo Phoenix USA Raymond Elmore 1964
Kokondo Kokondo USA Paul Arel † 2009 1970
Samourai Karate Samourai Canada Roger Lesourd 1973
Mushin Karate-do Mushindo USA Mike Ganci 1975
Tsuyoi Ryu Tsuyoi UK Gerry Bryan 1975
World Seido Karate Organisation
(Seido Juku)
WSKO USA Tadashi Nakamura 1976
Satojuku Satojuku Japan Katsuaki Sato 1977
New International Karate Organisation (Ashihara) NIKO Japan Hidenori Ashihara 1980
Ashihara Ashihara Sweden David C. Cook 1980
Kyokushin Budo Kai KBK Holland Jon Bluming 1980-1996?
Seido-kaikan Seidokai Japan Kazuyoshi Ishii 1980
Daido Juku Daido Japan Takashi Azuma 1981
Shidokan Shidokan Japan Yoshiji Soeno 1981
World Oyama Karate WOK USA Shigeru Oyama 1981
International Toshindo Karate Federation ITKF USA Donald LaMattina 1983
Dentoteki Kyokushinkai DKK USA Don Allen 1985
US Budokai Karate Association USBKA USA William Reid 1987
Enshin Kaikan Enshin USA Joko Ninomiya 1988
Sun Dragon Women's Martial Arts SunDragon USA Suzanne Pinette 1989
Pinewood Karate Matsunoki USA Daniel E. Andrews III 1989
International Federation of Karate IFK UK Steve Arneil 1991
Ashihara Karate International AKI South Africa Hoosain Narker 1993
International Shinzen Karate Organisation ISKO Iran Yousef Shirzad 1994
kskk logo International Karate Organisation Kyokushin Senshi Kai Kan KSKK USA Kisho Michio 1995
Kyokushinkai Karate Musashi Musashi Netherlands Sjaak van de Velde 1995
Nederlandse Karate Associatie NKA Netherlands Henny Ruberg 1995
Shintaiikudo STK Japan Makoto Hirohara 1995
Roninkai Ronin Canada   1995
International Budo Kai IBK Holland Jon Bluming 1996?
Seishin Ryu SRKK USA Lee E. Dawson 1996
Seiwakai Seiwakai Brazil Ademir da Costa (in Portuguese) 1998
American Kyokushinkai AKKAI USA R. Farzinzad 1999
Kyokushin Union (Kyokushin Rengo-kai) KU Japan Kazuyuki Hasegawa 2001
Kazumi Dojo KAZUMI Japan Hajime Kazumi 2002?
Kenshikai Kenshikai USA William Oliver 2002?
Yamaki Ryu Yamaki USA Kenji Yamaki 2002?
Nicholas Pettas dojo Pettas Japan Nicholas Pettas 2002?
Kyokushin-Kan International KKI Japan Hatsuo Royama (in Japanese) 2003
American Kyokushin Karate AKK USA Donald Buck ?
Shin Kakuto Jutsu SKJ Japan? Kenji Kurosaki ?
Gyakushin Karate GK Japan Terutomo Yamazaki ?
Kurosawa Dojo Kurosawa Japan Hiroki Kurosawa (in Japanese) ?
Maki Kaikan Maki Japan? Hisao Maki ?
Samourai Karate Samourai Canada Roger Lesourd ?
North Carolina Kyokushin NCK USA Darrell Reid Wilson ?
Kyokushinkai School of the Serpent Serpent USA Scott Moore ?
Iron Warrior Federation IWF USA Marco Lala ?
Toshin Kaikan Toshin Japan Yuji Shimizu ?
Nagata-ryu Nagata Brazil José Koei Nagata ?
Nakaza Juku Nakaza Brazil/Japan Eisho Nakaza ?
Kyokushin Boxing KyokBox France Alain Setrouk ?
Seishinkaikan SKK Japan Masashi Aoyagi ?
Kamakura Kamakura Netherlands Nico Gordeau ?


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