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    This page is intended to explain the origins and significance of some of the icons and images used to navigate, punctuate, or communicate in this website. All of these images, unless stated otherwise, were created by myself, and are therefore copyrighted.

    Most people believe that once something has been published on the WWW it automatically make it public domain, and they are free to use it as they please, JUST because they can access it.. THIS IS A COMPLETELY FALSE BELIEF! On the contrary, publishing it automatically copyrights it!. At least, and as far as I know, this applies to both Australia and the U.S.A, and probably 90% or more of all countries in the world.

    I would therefore appreciate it if permission were asked it these are going to be used anywhere else, and I ask that I be given credit for their creation. While I probably wouldn't take you to court over it, I would be reasonably p***ed off and since everyone pretty well knows where the images come from by now, it makes you look like a right twit by trying to pass it off as your own!

This is the header on the front page. Obviously, the kanku and the kanji were not originally created by me, but this rendition of them, in combination with other graphics and text, were.
The background, used throughout most of this website, comes from a scan of the fraying portions of my dogi. I had to play with the colours a bit because, due to the interaction of the scanning light, the detergent used, and the 3-D nature of the dogi,the original scan came out in white, green, and purple!
The belt is that of my instructor, Shihan Doug Turnbull. I took a photograph of the embroidered ends, then spliced them together with blank sections of belt. The thin version is just one which has been vertically scaled.
This is a reduction of the original header of the front page, with a flash added for browsers that can handle animated gifs, typically Netscape and MSIE 2 and above. It's not used anywhere on this site, but I put a lot of effort into that first image, so I've left it here for historical reasons!
This is a link to the What's New Page which lists all the information changes and additions that have been made, on a day by day basis.
This is a link to the page which leads to forms which allow you to submit your details, or those of your dojo, or of higher ranking Kyokushin yudansha for inclusion in this website.
This is a link to the Who's Who in Kyokushin front end. The Who's who list is an attempt to record all those Kyokushin (or ex-Kyokushin) yudansha who are ranked sandan or higher.
This takes you to the world wide dojo list front page, where you can select the country in which you are interested.
This icon provides the link to the Kyokushin Contact list, which contains the name, country, grade, affiliation, and email address of kyokushin karateka on the net. Is your name in it?
This icon simply brings up the email window, so that you can email me easily, with questions and information for inclusion in this website, that cannot be provided using the forms accessible via the !
This is a link to the biography of Sosai Mas Oyama.
This is a link to the Current Events page. It is a reduction of the picture of myself doing a tobi yoko geri. For the full sized image, see my biography.
These icons are links to this site's Guestbook. The original images were obtained from Icon Bazaar, a veritable storehouse of public domain icons. Then I modified them to suit this site.
This icon was created in order to provide easy access to the site Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
This icon, which is supposed to look like a blackboard with WWW written on it, is the link to my Kyokushin discussion board, the Makiwara.


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