Selected Biographies
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Selected Biographies
Mas Oyama
Steve Arneil
Nick Cujic
Raymond Elmore
Mike Ganci
Miyuki Miura
Shigeru Oyama
Jim Phillips
Guy Salter
Jacques Sandulescu
Dan Soller
Doug Turnbull
Gary Viccars
Marc Walleghem
Hulon Willis
  Steve Arneil article

These pages are only temporary, until I get the databases up and running.

This section of the site is dedicated to those who have made been recognised as having made a significant contribution to Kyokushin or one of its descendants. The contribution may or may not be outside of their own organisation, but the very fact that they have attained a higher grade should stand for itself.

If you have a biography and pictures of someone (it could well be yourself) who you feel should be listed here, please send them to me, with details of affiliation, training, etc...

If you are already on this list, and there should be some corrections made, please let me know. The information I have might well be out of date. Similarly, if you you should not be included in this list, please contact me to convince me of that (or vice versa of course).

Remember though that it is ultimately at my discretion whether or not a biography is listed, and what it contains. I am however not usually unreasonable in this regard, and there should normally be no problems.


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